Susan Robson MSW LCSW

Susan Robson MSW LCSW
Leapz LLC
300 Ozark Trail Drive suite 220
Ellisville MO 63011
Group Therapy


Group sessions are generally 90 minutes long, and there are 8-12 sessions. They are closed groups, which means there is a beginning and an end and no new members are added after the group begins. Groups are relatively small, with no more than eight members, in order to allow for everyone to participate. Individual group members will attend an assessment session with the therapist before the group begins and a follow up session with the therapist once they have completed the group.

Once an individual has completed the group, he or she is always welcome to return for individual therapy in the future for the same issue or even for a new issue.

To find out more about upcoming groups please contact me.

Topics covered

Groups currently offered are Anger Management and Social Skills