Susan Robson MSW LCSW

Susan Robson MSW LCSW
Leapz LLC
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Ellisville MO 63011
Child and Family Therapy


Individuals usually come to therapy to address problems they are having in relationships with family, friends, or co-workers. They are looking for alternative ways to look at or respond to their situations. This sometimes requires that a person accept responsibility for his or her part in the situation. It also sometimes requires that a person accept that he or she is not responsible for the situation, however, he or she is responsible for his or her reaction.

Individual sessions are generally 50 minutes long. Clients typically begin by coming weekly and gradually taper their visits to every other week, and then once a month until they feel the issue has been resolved. Other arrangements can be made based on the needs of the client.

Once an individual has terminated therapy, he or she is always welcome to return in the future for the same issue or even for a new issue.