Susan Robson MSW LCSW

Susan Robson MSW LCSW
Leapz LLC
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Fees charged

Insurance and Fees

Your privacy is a priority for me as an ethically practicing therapist. No information about you will be shared with anyone without written consent. That said, insurance companies do require that private information, including a diagnosis of a mental health disorder be provided on order for them to pay for therapy. Insurance companies also often set limits to number of sessions for which they will pay, and they sometimes require that treatment be medically necessary in order for treatment to be covered.

Even with the limitations listed above, and others not mentioned, I am an in network provider for insurance companies becuase I know that many people would not be able to seek the counseling they need without using their insurance.  I do accept several types of insurance, and if you choose to use your insurance for payment, I will complete all paperwork required for payment, however, it is a good idea to contact the insurance company yourself to find out what your benefits are and the limitations on them.

You may also choose to pay for sessions without involving your insurance. The benefits to this would be:

  • no information would be shared with your insurance company about anything discussed in therapy
  • no mental health disorder would be diagnosed
  • any life problem could be addressed in therapy without limit
  • there would be no limit to the number of sessions or frequency of sessions
  • we would be able to meet together regardless of whether I am able to accept your insurance

My fee is $90 per 50 minute session for individuals and for families. Other arrangements can be made depending on the length of sessions and frequency of sessions. Reduced fees may be available. Please ask for more information.