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Susan Robson MSW LCSW
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Susan Robson MSW LCSW - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Grief is generally thought of as the emotion we have when someone we love dies, however, grief can actually be experienced when there is any kind of loss including a death, a family move that separates a child from friends or school, or family separation due to divorce, or other change. Grief can also occur when there is a serious life event where loss is experienced such as a fire or burglary. People also experience anticipatory grief when a loved one is in the end stages of life or when there is an upcoming change such as moving to a new school. Grief affects us all in different ways which makes it difficult to detect at times. Children may eat less or more, sleep less or more or have disturbed sleep. They may cry for what seems to be no reason. They may become clingier or may push away from loved ones. It is time to consider therapy when behaviors interfere with school, work, peer relationships or family relationships. Therapy is also helpful when thoughts about the loss are intrusive and feel.

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