Susan Robson MSW LCSW

Susan Robson MSW LCSW
Leapz LLC
300 Ozark Trail Drive suite 220
Ellisville MO 63011
Susan Robson MSW LCSW Child and Family Therapy


    Hi!  Thanks for visiting.  Finding the right therapist can be a challenge and my hope is that I provide information on this sight that is useful and is also an accurate representation of my work with families.  I work hard to provide education, support and intervention to kids who struggle with their emotions, behaviors, and relationships. This includes but is not limited to children and teens who have AD/HD, have learning or school issues, are gifted, have symptoms of depression or anxiety, or have experienced loss.  I provide a comfortable place for families to share concerns and frustrations so they can improve their relationships with one another. I work collaboratively with families, focusing on strengths and existing skills while introducing and practicing new strategies. I gladly consult with teachers, doctors and others on behalf of the family when helpful.